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Charitable Gift Planning

Charitable Gift Planning

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Personal Donor Stories

We thank all our planned-gift donors for their generous support. Here are some of their stories.

Jan & Norris Shockley

We were raised in Christian families that taught God expected stewardship of our time, talent and money. When God blessed us with financial benefits, we turned to the Kentucky Baptist Foundation because of its faith-based mission, competent staff, and open, honest and proven reputation. They presented us with ways to provide for our children's education, to help our church in a perpetual way, and to benefit other non-profit agencies. We were able to generate larger gifts because of the tax benefits derived from the gift ideas presented by KBF staff, who were able to explain clearly the different giving options.

Mary Pat Price

When my sister and I decided it was time to sell our family farm, we looked to the Kentucky Baptist Foundation to provide ideas on how best to accomplish our objectives of avoiding capital gains on the sale, retaining an income stream for life and providing for charitable causes that were important to us. We each established a two-life charitable remainder unitrust funded with our half interest in the farm land. The gift to the trust was not a sale so no capital gains had to be recognized; using a unitrust meant that as the value of the trust assets grew the payments to us grew; and we were able to designate eight causes to receive the remainder after both of us were deceased.

Rev. William Ladd

My wife dreamed of being a foreign missionary in India, but never realized her dream. After she died, I decided I wanted to memorialize her love for foreign missions through some type of charitable gift. To assure my intentions would be realized, I wanted to set up the gift while I was living, but keep an income stream for life. The charitable gift annuity I established with the Kentucky Baptist Foundation provides fixed income payments to me for life and the assurance of a lasting legacy of my wife's desire to be involved in mission work in India through the endowment fund that will be established at my death.

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